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Dear Hackathon Participants,

Welcome to TheBlockchainSPIRIT (TBS) Hackathon to be held on 29-30 June in NTU Singapore. For more info you can see http://bit.ly/TBS-hackathon-info

In TBS Hackathon, you are free to choose any blockchain platform of your liking for your project development.

We will, however, provide hands-on training of three major blockchain platforms:
1. Hyperledger
2. Ethereum
3. NEM

On the event day you can attend workshops on all the above platforms and choose any one to work on. However, to get a head-start before the hackathon, you can read some preliminary info about these platforms and do some initial platform-specific installations, as detailed below.

In case you have no prior experience with Blockchain or these platforms, you can skip these installation steps. But do join us for the workshops at the begining of the event (see event agenda) to learn from the basics. Our experts will guide you in the workshop and help you develop your first Blockchain project!

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We will try to adhere to the following agenda, tentatively.

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We kick-off at 9:00 AM on Friday, 29 June, with the technical sessions.
Venue: Lecture Theatre 19A (LT19A-01-01) – it’s in the North Spine @ NTU, Level 1
NTU Maps: http://maps.ntu.edu.sg/maps#q:lt%2019a
Google Maps and Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/8oiHam8ekTQ2

We relocate to NTUitive for lunch and hackathon at 12:30 PM on Friday
Venue: NTUitive, New Innovation Centre, 71 Nanyang Drive, NTU, Singapore 638075
NTU Maps: http://maps.ntu.edu.sg/maps#q:new%20innovation%20centre
Google Maps and Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/xHkp8SMa5LQ2

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Hyperledger is a blockchain platform for distributed ledger solutions, underpinned by a modular architecture delivering high degrees of resiliency, confidentiality, flexibility and scalability.

You can go through the info here, and try to install the pre-requisites from the links given below, before joinin the hackathon. This will save you time during the workshop and give you a head-start.

  1. Hyperledger Fabric Info:

  2. Hyperledger Fabric Pre-Requisites:

  3. Hyperledger Fabric Installation:

  1. Hyperledger Composer Info:

  2. Hyperledger Composer Pre-Requisites:

  3. Hypreledger Composer Installation:

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Ethereum is an open blockchain platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology. It’s adaptable, flexible and easy to create new applications.

You can go through the info here, and try to install the pre-requisites from the links given below, before joinin the hackathon. This will save you time during the workshop and give you a head-start.

  1. Ethereum Info:

  2. Node.js and Npm

  3. Ganache

  4. Truffle

  5. Metamask Extension

  6. Ethereum Installation: (Geth Client)

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NEM’s blockchain platform is designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. NEM’s permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers. And its revolutionary consensus mechanism and the Supernode program ensure that NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without ever compromising throughput or stability.

You can go through the info here, and try to install the pre-requisites from the links given below, before joinin the hackathon. This will save you time during the workshop and give you a head-start.

  1. NEM Info:

  2. Developer Guide:

  3. NEM Installation:

  4. NEM Library Installation:

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IOST is a scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain App platform. Its high TPS, scalable and secure infrastructure lets developers create, innovate and build their next big ideas.

There will be an IOST demo in the hackathon.

IOST Info:

IOST Whitepaper:

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Q : When should participants report for the event?
A : Registration will start at 8:30 AM on Friday, 29 June.
Do come by 9:00 AM! That’s when the event begins :)
In case you’re late, don’t hold back – you can join later too.

Q : How do you get timely updates on the hackathon?
A : Join our Slack workspace: http://bit.ly/TBS-hackathon-slack
Join our Telegram channel: http://t.me/tbshackathon

Q : What is the duration of the event?
A : From 9:00 AM, 29 June to 5:00 PM, 30 June.

Q : Do you need to pay for the event or the workshops?
A : No, the event is free.

Q : Do you need to stay for the entire duration of the event, or can you leave at night?
A : You are free to stay back or leave. The objective is to participate in the hackathon and make something meaningful. However we would recommend to stay back and be part of the blockchain hathathon movement, and co-learn with other participants.

Q : What is the agenda/schedule/format of the event?
A : Click here to see the event agenda/schedule/format.

Q : What are the hackathon challenge categories?
A : Three categories as follows.
Think of a problem statement in any of the following.
Use blockchain to solve it.

Q : What are the prizes for the winners?
A : Four Parameters – Four Awards – Four Winners – SGD 1,500 each
(Most Innovative, Most Enterprising, Most Creative, Most Impactful)
Call for Start-Up Grants amounting up to SGD 10,000 from NTUitive

Q : What is the judging criteria?
A : Exactly based on the four awards, described above.

Q : What will be provided to the participants?
A : Desks, Chairs, Beanbags, Power Source, WiFi, Electric Kettle, etc.

Q : What kind of technical support is available?
A : Kickstarter workshops on Ethereum, NEM, Hyperledger (with codes)
Technical troubleshooting, help and guidance throughout the event

Q : Should you come if you know nothing about Blockchain?
A : Of course! That’s the point. We will guide you through the maze. :)

Q : What if you do not have a team, but want to form one?
A : We have set up a Slack workspace for the event. Start interacting!
Join our Slack workspace: http://bit.ly/TBS-hackathon-slack (use the _chatroom)
Or interact in our Telegram channel: http://t.me/tbshackathon
You will have till 3:00 PM the first day (29 June) to form a team.

Q : What is the provision in terms of food and beverages?
A : Lunch, Tea, Dinner on Day 1, Friday, 29 June (no breakfast)
Pizza, Snacks, Tea/Coffee, Cold drinks, and Beer for the night
Breakfast, Lunch, Tea on Day 2, Saturday, 30 June (no dinner)

Q : What should the participants bring along?
A : Laptop, Phone, Tabs etc. with chargers (essentials)
Jacket, Eye-patch, Headphones etc. (for comfort)
Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant etc. (you know)
Any personal F&B items, for you and your team :)
Note: Be comfortable, in sports shoes, pajamas, etc!

Q : Where should the participants report?
A : Lecture Theatre 19A if you come before lunch on Friday.
Else, NTUitive, New Innovation Centre, if you come afterwards.
See directions to venue for help.

Q : How do ‘remotely participating’ candidates engage it the hackaton?
A : Keep following this page, our Slack workspace and Telegram channel.
You’ll be updated you with the workshop materials.
You can remotely develop projects for the hackathon.
Submission details will be shared later.
Remote participants are not eligible for prizes, but eligible for job-offers.

Q : Is there any pre-requisite for participating in the event?
A : Not mandatory, but the following preparation/installations may help.
Install these to have a head-start: https://blockchainntu.github.io/ (You’re on this page!)

Q : What blockchain platforms will the workshops be on?
A : Three leading platforms: Hyperledger, Ethereum and NEM.

Q : Can I choose to work on a platform of your own choice?
A : Absolutely yes! And teach us about your favourite platform :)

Q : Who is organising this event?
A : This Blockchain Hackathon in NTU Singapore is organised and brought to you by TheBlockchainSPIRIT, NTUitive, IOST, NEM, Coinhako, i-Sprint, Morpheus Labs, Women In Asia, Nanyang Blockchain Association, Pitchspot, NTU World of Wisdom and NTU Graduate Students Association.

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In case of any query/feedback, feel free to call any of us:

And don’t forget to join our Slack workspace and our Telegram channel.